CooperVision sa dohodol na prevzatí Sauflonu - FAQ

Customer Questions & Answers

 Should customers do anything different at the moment?

 Until the transaction closes, CooperVision and Sauflon will continue to operate as separate companies and competitors. Customers should not change how they interact with either organization.

Once the transaction closes, what changes can customers expect?

Customers will have access to the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of daily disposable lenses through CooperVision, providing greater availability and access to help grow their businesses.

Will Sauflon’s products be rebranded?

Once the transaction closes, we will work toward integrating Sauflon products into the CooperVision family. Specifics with regard to branding, etc. will be addressed post-closing.

When is the transaction expected to close?

The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is anticipated to close prior to the end of our fiscal year 2014.